Monday, November 5, 2012

October 2012 Summary

I did want to see the graph rising all the way into the summer peak, but alas we are down 3% from last month. Not that I am really disappointed, 37% vegetable self sufficiency still feels petty good. And with three beds now fully planted out I am feeling very excited about the coming months.

          Grown (g) Purchased (g) Grown %
Avocado                1200         0%
Beans         980      1,905        34%
Beetroot      450      1,315        25%
Broccoli      730                   100%
Basil                  80           0%
Capsicum               800          0%
Carrot                 1,640        0%
Celery        80                    100%
Cabbage       1,425                 100%
Cucumber               1,725        0%
Coriander     90                    100%
Corn                   310          0%
Cauliflower   1,085                 100%
Eggplant               235          0%
Garlic                 200          0%
Ginger                 85           0%
Kale                   20           0%
Lettuce       45       80           36%
Lentil                 800          0%
Onion         330      495          40%
Parsley       535                   100%
Pea                    680          0%
Potato        715      1,480        33%
Pumpkin                1,800        0%
Rocket        20                    100%
Spring Onion  120                   100%
Sweet Potato           1,965        0%
Spinach       195      30           87%
Silver Beet   100                   100%
Tomato                 1,850        0%
Zucchini               660          0%

Total         6,900    19,355       26%
Average                             37%

Time          17.25 person hours

Allot of effort this month was put into infrastructure, that if done right in the first place, could have been avoided now. Taking the cheep option I choose to use thin wooden posts when I erected the fence. I had already replaced a few of the posts when they were snapped by climbing beans, but this time the fox had really made a mess of it. Lucky I hadn't yet planted out any seedlings. This time I replaced the posts with ones double the thickness. This month also was the start of laying drip irrigation, again something I wish I had done in the beginning.


  1. Jason, look at all your gorgeous produce! You've done much better with cauli and beans than we did. We did have a great haul on potatoes though - nearly 8kg! We're about to hit a gap though - we still haven't quite figured out this sequential planting bit, and all the beds look like they're about to run out at the same time!

    1. Thanks, yes I am very pleased with the cauli, and I still got more coming. 8kg of potato that's impressive. We would have had more if I had paid more attention to covering them. Over half were green. I haven't quite got the sequential bit down pat either. I think one trick is to be starting new seedlings every time the chooks move. Using the same seedling set for multiple beds doesn't seem to stagger them.

    2. New, as in different seedlings? I think that's right, Jason. All our leafy greens that we planted later just ran to seed once the weather warmed up. I've just asked Linda to write a bit on it to teach us! :)

      With the spuds, we dig a big trench and hill all the soil up on either side of it. Then when they grow, we just push the soil back over them. We try to plant them quite deeply too, which seems to make a difference.

  2. Wonderful! It all looks very tasty. I'm sure you will love the drip irrigaion, I have some around my berries and fruit trees and it is a life-saver (or at least lots-of-time-saver)

    1. I do enjoy watering by hand. I love the sound of the water and the cool mist that blows back at ya. But in the morning while the drip irrigation is running I am now able to be busy doing other things in the garden, and every aspect of gardening has its pleasures.


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