Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April 2012 summary

Again I am very surprised and pleased with this months harvest tally. We grew 43% of our own vegetables. Down 15% from last month, but I was expecting it to be allot lower as we haven't yet mastered the transition from summer to winter crops.

.            Grown  Purchased     .
Potato       6190g          -  100%
Capsicum      550g       915g   38%
Zucchini      770g       921g   46%
Beans          90g       655g   12%
Broccoli      720g       890g   45%
Cucumber         -      1210g    0%
Tomato        280g      2925g    9%
Pumpkin       810g          -  100%
Eggplant      750g          -  100%
Squash        530g          -  100%
Parsley       130g          -  100%
Basil          95g          -  100%
Carrot           -      1845g    0%
Onion            -      1450g    0%
Lettuce        30g       165g   15%
Coriander        -       200g    0%
Beetroot      700g          -  100%
Celery           -       500g    0%
Silver Beet   270g          -  100%
Spinach          -       215g    0%
Cabbage          -       600g    0%
Radish         40g          -  100%
Spring Onion   10g          -  100%
Sweet Potato     -       345g    0%
Avocado          -      1200g    0%
Garlic           -        50g    0%
Ginger           -        60g    0%

Total         12kg       14kg   46%
Average                         43%

For an understanding of why and how the average figure is used, go here.

Total Time          11 person hours

I decided it would be very useful to also record the amount of time spent on producing our own food. I though it would be interesting to see how we are progressing as gardeners. My assumption being as we improve the amount of output should increase with less input.

The 11 hours is the total time spent through all of April and is person based, meaning if both Melanie and I spent 1 hour in the garden together I would record this as 2 hours. The time also includes all aspects of growing food, including time spent buying seeds online, building or fixing infrastructure, harvesting, etc. I want it to encompass the complete picture. What it doesn't include is the time spent blogging ;-)


  1. Jason, you and Melanie are having such success with your garden, it's very inspiring! We haven't done nearly as well, as we've been both busy and unwell, which means the garden has been neglected a bit. Nonetheless, Linda's plan is so good that even for just a little bit of effort, we're still growing some food for the table, although much less than you have. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes Linda's design is definitely an efficient one. You should try my 15 minutes a day approach. 15 mins everyday soon adds up. Regardless as long as the garden is still producing something then that's something to be proud of.


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