Monday, November 28, 2011

50 packets of seed to give away

Seriously I have 50 packets of beetroot seed to give away. But first a story...

For those who have been following my blog for awhile now you would well know I have issues with getting seedlings started. A couple of reasons that stand out to me are - not having the seed available at the right time, and not knowing what to plant at what time.

Typically my involvement in the garden is done on an ad-hoc bases and is seldom planned. Often I step outside realise what a magnificent day it is, sunny with a soft cool breeze that tingles my skin, that begs me to spend it gardening. Knowing getting some seedlings started is a high priority I go riffling through my seed collection to discover I have ran out or only have out of date seed of the varieties I want to plant. Not wanting to spend this beautiful day driving and shopping I go do something else in the garden instead. And once the moment is over it completely slips my mind to jump online and order some. I think that was one of the problems with some recent seedlings that had low germination rate I had used very out of date stock.

Another contributor I have experienced as a beginner gardener is knowing what to plant when. This has proven allot more difficult than one would expect. It just doesn’t seem to sink in. I think it comes down to 30 odd years in the supermarket generation, completely out of touch with the seasons. I have read book after book, and yes I even own a sow when chart. The above picture is a recent example of trying to grow snow peas as a summer crop. Amazingly we still got a crop of three off the plant before it dyed a few weeks ago.

So during one of my many daydreams I got to thinking wouldn’t it be great if someone would just send me the seeds I need when I need them. I then thought I wounder if there are many other people who suffer similar issues to me? From some of the comment to my previous post it looks there is. So I decided to start a business that does just that.

Now back to the free seeds, because I know that is all you here for... Today is the grand unveiling of the business Gumboot Garden and to celebrate its opening I am giving away a free packet of seeds to the followers of my blog. If you are interest go to the contact page on the site and provide us with your name, address and climate zone.

BTW If you are concerned that I lack the experience to provide such a service, you would be right. But don’t worry I realise my short comings thus the growing schedule has been heavily researched and developed in consultation with a extremely generous and highly experienced gardener. I ended up learning so much through the process that I think it has finally sunk in.

Love to know what you think.


  1. Hi, the website looks great, very affordable and certainly worth trying out. I like the 'our ears are open' haha. Thanks for sharing the seed giveaway via your blog which yes I do read. Cheers :)

  2. Nice website Jason - I love the fresh, clean design. I think many people would be interested in a service like that.

  3. I love it - the website design is fantastic - very bright and cheerful, good luck with the venture.

  4. Love, Love, Love.

    I will definitely be purchasing a years worth of seeds once I settle in Adelaide. Love the idea of just having to briefly look at a packet to know when to sow and with those bright large 'when to sow' pictures I don't even need to know how to read . Love It

  5. Meeka I am so pleased someone enjoyed the ears joke. My initial thought was to have a picture of a tin can telephone. But while searching for a photo of one I came across the corn. Glad I did way better than a tin can.

    500m2 I have had a few comments on the fresh clean design now. Wasn't intentional just that minimalist was the best I could do. One thing I often remember from an old employer was KISS (keep it simple stupid). Seems to be true.

    greenfumb now the bright and cheerful was intentional, so thanks, good to know someone thinks I pulled it off.

    amydingley yes that was the intention of the packet design. I want people to be able to just flick through their collection and quickly pick out what is appropriate. Always appreciate your supportive words.

  6. Passed the info on to my SGA Gardening POD.

  7. Great Idea me thinks...
    Hope it takes off well & this is the start of something BIG...
    Have a great one..

  8. Frogdancer well I have never been to the SGA site before. I think I am going to have to go back and have good look. Big thanks for passing it on.

    Rob Bob cheers.

  9. Congratulations and good luck with the new venture. People are crying out for support. Have you seen Gardenate? They send out monthly emails about what to plant each month in different climate zones....great starting place.

  10. What a great idea, hope it works for you.

    **Was a regular reader, now a follower I be...
    The things I do to get something for free.**

    OK, I know that could be better but I'm still waiting for me coffee so please, just don't take any notice of my rambling...


  11. Barb like your site. Very impressed you are managing to grow all your own vegetables. Nice of you to become a follower but I would have given you a free packet regardless. Anyone who has their photo taken with a sun flower is all right with me.

  12. I just read your post about Gumboot Garden and went to check it out, but the site wasn't there anymore. What happened? Did it work out? The idea sounds great and when I started gardening I would have loved a service like that.

    1. Hmmm.... worked for me. Try again.

    2. There it is! Great! Last time it said 502 bad gateway.


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