Tuesday, May 7, 2013

April 2013 Summary

Well I am pleased to say Aprils vegetable self-sufficiency of 29% is higher than I thought it would be, but a lot lower than April last year with 43% :-( Compared to the previous months my basket has been feeling quite light. It would appear I still have much needed practice on mid season planting. Once my seedling experiments are over I am going to focus on establishing seedlings as a regular routine. And not being to precious about pulling out existing plants and making room for the new.

This month's big winner was eggplant - I am a bit over them to be honest. I won't plant as many next summer, 2 to 3 plants should do. We did enjoy some great baba ganoush dip though.

            Grown (g)  Purchased (g)  Grown %
Avocado                 800             0%
Beans          100      400             20%
Beetroot       200                      100%
Broccoli                825             0%
Basil          45                       100%
Bok Choy       30       170             15%
Capsicum       610      455             57%
Carrot                  1,030           0%
Celery                  155             0%
Cucumber                1,005           0%
Corn                    500             0%
Eggplant       2,830                    100%
Garlic                  70              0%
Ginger                  125             0%
Kale                    600             0%
Lettuce                 385             0%
Onion          90       2,165           4%
Parsley        60                       100%
Pea                     600             0%
Potato                  890             0%
Pumpkin        2,285    1,305           64%
Spring Onion   40                       100%
Sweet Potato            1,755           0%
Spinach                 135             0%
Silverbeet     100                      100%
Tomato         330      2,290           13%
Zucchini                755             0%
Total          6,720    16,415          29%
Average                                 29%

Time           11  person hours

Money          $ 44.00  (excludes water)

I though it valuable, at least interesting, to start recording the amount of money spent.


  1. Jason, we've had a lean month too - mainly because we haven't had time to do much in the garden. We are eating an almost constant supply of tromboncinos though, and lots of eggplants, although they've just stopped ripening now the weather has turned cold. Perennial leeks are doing well, and we're getting some carrots, and there are finally some winter greens coming through. Can I ask - is the $44 what you spent on the garden, or on the vegetables that you bought to supplement what you grew?

  2. The $44 is on the garden only, specifically the growing of vegetables. I will start recording fruit figures once the fruit is producing a bit more. Recording how much we spend on buying vegetables would be an interesting exercise also, but the recording of things is already at my tolerable limit.


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