Monday, April 8, 2013

March 2013 summary

Well the summer peak has definitely passed in our garden with vegetable self-sufficiency down 10% from last month. The garden is looking a bit tired now so we are really looking forward to getting cracking on the winter season. We are just waiting for the chickens to finish preparing the first bed.

Capsicums and Eggplant where the big winners this month. It was interesting to note how long it took for the capsicum to start providing. Even those planted in September only started delivering in March.

A small one-off hit of corn was nice.

            Grown (g) Purchased (g) Grown %
Avocado                 1055         0%
Beans          140      400          26%
Beetroot       405      450          47%
Broccoli       215                   100%
Basil          80                    100%
Capsicum       2,375                 100%
Carrot                  2,045        0%
Cucumber       640                   100%
Corn           820      425          66%
Eggplant       3,620                 100%
Garlic                  95           0%
Ginger                  60           0%
Kohlrabi       370                   100%
Lettuce        50       1,645        3%
Lentil                  800          0%
Onion          90       3,055        3%
Parsley        50                    100%
Pea                     1,400        0%
Potato                  2,645        0%
Rocket         45                    100%
Sweet Potato            1,835        0%
Spinach                 400          0%
Silverbeet     1,015                 100%
Sprouts        450                   100%
Tomato         6,415                 100%
Zucchini       2,220                 100%
Total          19,000   16,310       54%
Average                              52%

Time   16 person hours


  1. Very good effort, and a great array of produce. My capsicums and peppers have been an abject failure, so I have no idea if the 6 month wait is normal. I hope they were exceptionally tasty to be worth the wait!

    1. Yes they are Bek - exceptional, well most of them. I would have liked them when the cucumbers were around to add that extra flavour to our salads. Sorry to hear about yours. Any ideas to what went wrong?

  2. Great harvest, Jas! We have eggplants, but our caps are puny - there must be some secret there that we just haven't figured out yet! Did you want some tromboncino seed? They've gone completely bonkers in our garden! Linda sent us seed, and we've collected some from this season's crop as well, so happy to mail you some if you'd like (drop me an email). x

    1. You didn't happen to plant a mini capsicum variety, did you? :) Thanks for the seed offer.


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