Tuesday, March 12, 2013

February 2013 Summary

With very little help from me the garden kept powering on through February maintaining a vegetable self-sufficiency score in the 60s. I think the only thing I planted this month was a few lettuce to feed our new desire for more greens in the diet.

            Grown (g) Purchased (g) Grown %
Avocado                 1400         0%
Beans          1,385    800          63%
Beetroot       990                   100%
Broccoli       965                   100%
Basil          30                    100%
Bok Choy       40                    100%
Capsicum       530                   100%
Carrot                  710          0%
Cucumber       4,480                 100%
Chives                  10           0%
Eggplant       4,775                 100%
Garlic                  170          0%
Ginger                  180          0%
Kohlrabi       440                   100%
Lettuce        340                   100%
Lentil                  1,600        0%
Onion                   2,025        0%
Pea                     800          0%
Potato                  585          0%
Pumpkin        830                   100%
Rocket         75                    100%
Spring Onion   325                   100%
Sweet Potato            725          0%
Silverbeet     750                   100%
Sprouts        300                   100%
Tomato         5,670                 100%
Zucchini       4,830                 100%
Total          26,755   9,005        75%
Average                              62%
Time           10 person hours

The tomatoes and eggplants burst to life this month. I was intending to learn the art of jarring, or canning depending what part of the world you were raised, but Melanie did a fantastic job finding ways to utilise them. It was awesome to just be eating cherry toms by the handful as a snack.

We harvested a wonderful selection of beans - French green, butter, and purple king. Shame the purple ones turn green when cooked. Oh well they look great in garden.


  1. Jason, that is an outstanding result! You put me to shame by about 22 kg.

    I really have to work on extreme heat protection and make more wicking beds for my summer climate.


    1. My friend Debbie has wicking beds, the plants in them stand up to the heat really well. Here in Adelaide the heat is extreme too, and I solved the heat problem with ground level beds, drip irrigation, dense multi crop planting, and sunflowers for shade.


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