Tuesday, January 8, 2013

December 2012 Summary

December was a time of great excitement every time I stepped into the garden. Every bed was fully planted, and I was surrounded by greenery reaching out in every direction. Every morning it was an exciting time to admire how much the garden grew, the tomato plants out growing their cages, the beans scaling the fence, rocket appearing from nowhere, and watching all the little baby fruits being born. When I first plant out a bed   I struggle to imagine what it is going to be like full grown. The whole seed to plant thing, I think will always amaze me.

The fruits of our spring labour had definitely started to show, with the month sky rocketing up from 28% last month to an amazing 46% vegetable self sufficiency. I think it is fair to say we are now producing half of the vegetable we eat. Wow that feel good to be able to say that.

           Grown (g) Purchased (g) Grown %
Avocado                1800         0%
Beans         655      800          45%
Beetroot      836                   100%
Broccoli      495      415          54%
Basil         20                    100%
Bok Choy      1,445                 100%
Capsicum               2,551        0%
Carrot                 1,950        0%
Celery                 500          0%
Cucumber      2,530    695          78%
Corn                   400          0%
Chives                 60           0%                             
Kohlrabi      930                   100%
Lettuce       1,390                 100%
Lentil                 860          0%
Onion                  3,145        0%
Pea                    150          0%
Potato        940      1,910        33%
Pumpkin                2,215        0%
Rocket        125                   100%
Spring Onion  170                   100%
Silverbeet    695                   100%
Shoots                 100          0%
Tomato        710      1,105        39%
Zucchini      9,665                 100%
Total         20,606   18,656       52%
Average                             46%

A couple of the big highlights was getting our first cucumbers and tomatoes for the season. The biggest winner though for the month was the zucchini, we grew a total of 9.7 kgs . I still can’t seem to pick them fast enough. Literally within a week they are growing too ridiculous size, surprisingly still tasty. To not let any go to waste we have been stuffing them in everything from zucchini fritters to zucchini burgers. I don’t recall eating them for breakfast, yet!

How fruitful was December in your garden?


  1. Have you tried zucchini slice and chocolate zucchini cake?

    1. No I haven't, they sound good. I have tried zucchini chocolate brownies.

  2. Well done! I just picked my first zucchini today, so I am envious of your crop! December feels like its been a bit slow for my garden, with lots of things growing but not cropping yet. But I'll do the calculations on the weekend and see how it truly went - appearances can be deceiving.

    1. Indeed they can. I am more often surprised at how higher the score is than what I thought it would be. As a result keeping score is a real confidence booster.

    2. Also congrats on the first zucchini. Sadly I think my plants are starting to slow down. If only we knew earlier, we could have traded ;)


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