Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July 2012 Summary

Well it looks like the harvest tally has passed its dip and back on the rise, up 7% from last month, hitting a 31% vegetable self sufficiency. I expect this to continue as each day when I walk around the garden admiring it, I see many more plants nearing harvest. Like this carrot still a little undersized but hopefully her friends hiding among the weeds will be fat and ready for the picking in the coming weeks.

        Grown (g) Purchased (g) Grown %
Avocado                    1600      0%
Beans                     2,435      0%
Beetroot                    955      0%
Broccoli    1,350                  100%
Capsicum                  1,695      0%
Carrot         35         2,405      1%
Celery      1,120                  100%
Corn                        420      0%
Cabage        360                  100%
Cucumber                  1,690      0%
Eggplant                    320      0%
Garlic                      120      0%
Herbs Fresh    50           100     33%
Kale          245                  100%
Leek                        800      0%
Lettuce       645                  100%
Onion                     1,875      0%
Parsley        70                  100%
Pea                       2,800      0%
Potato                    4,865      0%
Pumpkin                   3,190      0%
Rocket        130                  100%
Spring Onion                400      0%
Sweet Potato              1,590      0%
Spinach       100                  100%
Tomato                    3,585      0%
Zucchini                  1,245      0%
Total       4,105        32,090     11%
Average                             31%
Time  6.25 person hours

At the end of June we put in a concerted effort planting out the last garden bed, thanks to my gardening group, but since that the garden has mostly been left to its own devices. I possibly turned a compost heap or two, and pulled a few weeds out of the path, but that has probably been about it. Oh and harvesting of course.

While the garden has been taking care of itself I have been focussing on preparing for spring, as this time I would really like the garden filled with our own seedlings. So effort was put into getting the mini greenhouse ready, and planting out or throwing out any remaining winter seedlings. I have also been working on ways to raise seedling indoors. Stay tuned for that one.

Have you started preparing for spring?


  1. Lovely looking greens, Jason! I hope you have a big crop of carrots - ours aren't nearly ready yet, but hopefully we'll get some broccoli soon. We're planting and mulching - potatoes are coming along well, and we've planted more, as well as lettuce, blue kale (somewhat optimistically) and broccoli rabe.

    I'm so glad your greenhouse has worked - we couldn't make it work, so ended up buying a seedling heat mat, which seems to have made a difference to our germination rates.

    1. Yes we have been enjoying the greens, never had so many. Good to hear your potatoes are coming along. It amazes me how better fresh potatoes taste. Ours still have a way to go.

  2. Your broccoli makes me jealous - mine were tiny. Carrots and potatoes doing well here. I'm barely organised for winter, surely spring is ages away!

    1. This is the first time I have managed to grow such big and lovely broccoli. I wonder if it has anything to do with the chickens? Sorry to alarm you Jo, but spring is less than a month away, and as summer is such a harsh season I find it important to make the most out of spring.

  3. Very nice! I also have broccoli envy! I've only got plants producing side shoots... My garden prep to date has comprised of going over my seed collection and buying some seeds. But the plan is to get sowing the first lot of seeds this weekend! Then it will start to feel like spring is really just around the corner.

    1. Sounds like we are on the same timeline. I too have been looking through the seed collection, and plan to kick off seedlings asap.


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