Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rub a dub dub, seedlings in a tub

We finally did it! Got away on a camping trip that is. We spent 3 beautiful nights away and our garden survived. Granted the weather has become milder so the established plants in the beds coped fine but the seedlings still would have perished if left outdoors. So thanks to a great tip given by Soewn Earth on my post about NOT going camping, they did more than just survive, some even sprouted. The great advice was to put them in the tub.

I did add a bit of water to the tub to keep their bottoms wet but due to the slope in the bath only those at the deep end were submerged. Having those at the shallow end submerged would have meant drowning those up the deep end. Regardless when we returned home those at either end seemed just as moist. So whether the water was necessary or not I do not know. What’s your thoughts?

The shower cubical and laundry sink is probably another good place to put them.


  1. So glad you got away camping and now you have a plan for shrt trips away.

    1. Thanks Fiona, and it was such a good trip too.

  2. I put some in a (new) kitty litter tray with wet sand in the bottom, that worked for a couple of nights away.
    Great blog, lots to read! One question about the chook domes - do you have issues with foxes? We lost all our chooks to a fox recently and I'm fortifying the chook run before we bring in more chooks. I did think about using a couple of chooks in a chook-tractor on the vegie beds as well as having the chook house, but I worry about the tractor/domes not being fox-proof. cheers, Liesel

    1. The kitty litter, great idea! What I like about it is the use of wet sand. It would help keep them moist without drowning them. And putting sand in the tub or sink I don't think would be a good idea. My trays unfortunately are larger than the standard kitty litter.

      Sorry to hear you lost some chooks, you have my condolences. Luckily we are nestled in a few streets away from open land where foxes are. Couch wood, none have ventured in.

      Linda (person I got the design from) claims the dome is quite safe from predators including snakes. The key to the design is that the chooks roost high up in the dome and there is no ladder, plank, bridge for any none flying animal to get up there. My dome is half the size so my girls are lower down than Linda's so I don't know if mine are truly safe.


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