Monday, April 4, 2011

RIP Mr Zucchini

He was an odd fellow, even as a youngster, keeping mostly to himself. His hard exterior meant no one really got close to truly knowing who or even what he was. But we all knew deep inside he was a big softy. Due to his strange looks he never quite fitted in with the other zucchinis and was cruelly tormented. I remember holding him tight one day as he cried his eyes out after some bully had said "Your head is so big it has it's own weather system." Funny but mean. But he was much loved by his family and close blog friends. Which is why I find it so inconceivable that someone could have murdered and eaten him, particularly roasted with a sprig of rosemary.

I think I say this form all of us when I say... Your uniqueness touched us all and brought laughter and joy to our hearts. Rest in piece Mr Zucchini.

As you can see he looked more like a pumpkin inside but tasted bland and slightly bitter like a zucchini.

The other day while in the garden I stumbled upon his lost name tag and here it is:

So a big congratulations, and as promised a virtual star, goes to... Greenfumb and Peggy. I would check out them and their blogs, they obviously know a thing or two about gardening.


  1. Hi Jason, dont know if my first attempt at leaving a comment worked, so sorry if you get two... The "Zucchini" looks Yummy, funny how our eyes see one thing but our tasebuds tell the true story!! Well done to Peggy, I'm off to visit the blog now. Take care, Yollie - I think that is kind of how my first message read, well sort off :l

  2. Nice to read a blog with a good sense of humor, hope you haven't upset any vegetarians by cooking your friend.

  3. Sweetie Comment worked only got one. Yes I had high hopes that he was going to taste interesting at least. I am afraid Mr Zucchini was all looks.

    Kellee I never thought I was any good at writing or telling jokes so it brings a smile to my face to receive your kind comment. Thanks.

  4. Hi Jason,
    I just found your blog through Hazel and love the brick edged garden beds! I've saved the picture in my inspiration folder!!
    I agree with Kellee too, this post was very funny! Poor Mr Zucchini.

  5. lol what a crack up..Funny stuff.

    Loved the change of his facial expression.

    RIP Mr Zucchini AKA Frederick. you will be missed

  6. Phoebe It is so wonderful to hear you found pictures of our garden inspiring. I will keep the photos coming as it develops. And don't feel sorry for Mr Zucchini he lived a richer life than most zucchinis.

    amydingley You are not insinuating his face was drawn are you?

  7. I just found your blog through some daisy chain I can't even remember, but I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that gives unusual fruit and veg bizarre personality traits.

  8. Krisitna likewise, I am glad to know I too am not alone. When I was a young lad my pop taught me how to calve a face in an apple. That was probably the beginning.


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