Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gardening group goal has germinated

After publishing my gardening group goal on a local site Food4All I actually ended up getting a couple of takers. Then yesterday we had our very first meeting with 4 adults and 4 children, and was generously held in Debbie's garden, and might I add a wonderful and inspiring garden. My children who can sometimes be a little apprehensive in a new environment, took off exploring. From their low altitude point of view the garden would have appeared like a dense forest where by only following the many winding paths would new and interesting areas be revealed. While not only providing them with an adventure it also fed them as they went.

Upon arrival we were greeted by a familiar face, a woman named Kim, who Melanie and I latter realised we knew from the Good Food Co-op. Kim shared with us a fruit that none of us had ever tried before called a pepino. I was very surprised that I had never tried this fruit as it was delisious and is able to be grown here in Adelaide. The fruit had a texture like a melon and tasted like a cross between a melon and a passion fruit. Kim gave us all some clippings to take home.

Debbie's lovely children made and served us a refreshing cup of fresh peppermint tea, and a home made muffin from home grown apricots. During our cupper we shared gardening knowledge, with my son sharing is newly found knowledge and skill regarding hand pollinating pumpkins, that I picked up from Scarecrows Garden. After the cupper we picked the heads of a number of plants and sat around collecting their seeds for us to all share. A very relaxing activity. At that moment sitting there with my hands busy doing something natural and surrounded by sharing caring people and a beautiful garden in the background I felt an incredible feeling of piece and belonging.

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