Thursday, August 12, 2010

Realising I need help

I was raised with very little gardening knowledge, it definitely was not in my schooling, and I have had little experience at it as an adult. I started my first vegetable garden only about 5 years ago (2005). Unfortunately I have found it quite challenging. After 5 years I am lucky to be producing even 5% of my families vegetables. What I realised is that I need help. Thus I set my self the following goal:

It is Sunday the 26th of September 2010, we have all gathered here in my garden for our monthly gardeners group meeting. I have been involved with the group for over a month now and I love it. I am getting along with everyone and have become a valued member of this little group, and feel a sense of community. I am excited and thirsty for the abundance of knowledge about gardening that they all poses. This is helping immensely towards my vegetable self sufficiency goal.

Yes the goal is written in present tense. It tricks the subconscious and improves the odds.

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